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looking for a reliable 911 Coupe

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Vehicle Information: Year: any; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: tbd;

I haven't owned a Porsche in almost 30 years my last 2 being a '58 356A Coupe anda '59 356A Cabriolet. Now I'm starting to look for one.I'm looking for a reliable 911 Coupe with dependable air conditioning and a sunroof. Is the 993 series a good one to consider? I really don't want to spend more than $40,000. I've read that because of the uni-body it's best to avoid completely one that has been in an accident. What about high mileage? What about very low mileage? At what point does an engine usually need to be rebuilt? Generally I've been considering 1995 and 1996 C2s that I can drive daily. Is the C4 as reliable? C4S?I looked in a nice bookstore for a Porsche buyer's guide but had no success. Appreciate any thoughts you may offer on buying a used 911.Thank you

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