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losing power

  • 1984
  • 911 Carrera Targa
115 000
Electrical and Electronic

My question I asked last month was never answered but was posted now the question is no longer listed, I really need help on this odd problem as it seems to have stumped many area mechanics. This car has run like a clock for the past 20 years and all of a sudden the engine started cutting out as you start accellerating once the engine warms up. The mechanic checked fuel pressure and found 2.5 bar even while the engine is cutting out. He also took apart the distributor and found nothing wrong . He left it that it was probably a plugged catalystic converter which I removed and drove the car to find the same problem. I replaced the DME relay to no avail, when the engine does cut out and you let up on the gas the engine will either go to an idle immediately or surge two to three times before settling back to an idle. Really need help on this situation.Also, noted that you refer to an archive with more information and I have not found it, if you could help direct me to this archive I would appreciate it.

Regards, Steven

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