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Loss of 1st & Reverse Gears


Vehicle Information:

Dear Scott: What condition has been determined to be the cause of a repetitive problem described on by owners in the US, Britain, Australia and Ireland with the 2006 model year 6-speed manual transmission used in the Cayman S that results within the first 3,000 miles of use in (1) the inability to select either 1st or reverse gears, (2) the inability for the clutch to fully disengage, and (3) the failure of the clutch pedal to return fully after being depressed, eventually leading to the car being rendered undriveable? Is it a manufacturing problem that can be corrected in the field or a design fault likely to recur until the unit is replaced or redesigned? Is there a technical service bulletin in existence or in the works regarding this problem? Has Porsche expressed itself formally or in writing regarding this problem ?

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