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Loss of boost on 1977 930

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0 turbo euro; Total Mileage: 88000;

I bought a car that is a euro 911 turbo,it was stored for 6 years before I got it.I wrote about the pop of valve "CLICK".The replacement and cleaning of the seals/gaskets fixed the problem.I have however lost some boost.I have a boost meter that you can reset and have lost close to .5 bar.To give you more info. when I bought the car the top of the muffler was blown out at the seam.I could hear the turbo whinding up and boost was at 1.5 on the gauge.It was FAST!I removed the muffler and had it welded.Replaced the by-pass valve seals and now the car is not as fast.This is my first turbo and don't know if 1.0 bar boost is normal since it was 1.5 bar before.Did the open exhaust help with power?Can I adjust the boost for more power?Any input would be great.Thanks for your help.

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