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Lost Engine 1968 Porsche 912


Model: 912, Year:1968, Mileage:unknow, Type of use:Street use only
I bought a 1968 Porsche 912 from estate in 1995 and now that I am retired want to restore to as close as orginal thats possable. I'm the fourth owner and have conducted an investigation the last year and a half trying to locate the orginal engine. The engine number is 1285467, and the last owner in 1989 had the Porsche engine removed and a Volkswagon Buss engine installed by a imports garage in Idaho. That seemed to be the thing to do back then and Volkswagon had kits just for that. I have talked to the owner of garage, now retired himself and remembered the instalation in detail. He stated that the past owner just wanted something less expensive and just wanted to tour the west with his wife.He was quite sure that the owner took the engine back to Cascade Montana. Now I have checked the obituary for both husband and wife and no relative still surviving has knowledge as to the engine. I have walked the neighborhood thinking he might have had a car buddy that he consultated with, but no bites, he kept to himself. I checked with his insurance company and agent new nothing. I have checked the local and Greatfalls Garages and allignment centers without success. I've put newspaper adds with rewards and no responce. I Talked to body shop that did paint the vehicle and they new nothing stating that he never smiled and spoke very little.His next door heighbor gave me the only clue that she remembered that he bought the engine back and it went East, I asked eastern Montana, she said no farther. That leaves the Dakotas and Minnisota. He did have some disdant relatived in Minn, and I have spoke to people that know them and are checking.I have also got down on my knees and prayed that it is in some garage under the bench that the person never found a use for it. Ha.Ha. Now thinking use, airboat,just parts, rebuild for another Porsche, or Volkswagon. I have looked at this as a homicide investigation, and before I try a four state motor vehicle department engine cross vehicle ID search. I wanted to give you a chance maybe through some registry or anything that you have additional knowledge about. I have bought a 1968 engine that needs rebuilding, but before I go to the big expense just want to still try for location of past orginal engin. In two years I am moving back to Elkhart Lake Wisconsin after 35 years in the west, and I'll be damed if I'll drive to a Porsch event with a 912 with a Volkswagon Buss engine with a muffler the size of a sub torpedo hanging out the back."manomanoman" I'm just a working guy that goes back to when four cylinders ruled the Indy, and fours have always been my favorite. The porsch has all the extra options, I will even put back orginal seats. I could go on and on and give you full permision to do what ever you can to help. My Phone is 1-406-761-4878 Wonagomike or Mike Stewart is my name and email is You can see I'm not much with computer or would have tried some chatroom searct or whatever. Thanks in advance for help, and I do need your help. Thanks again, Wonagomike.

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