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Manual Transmission First Gear Grinding

  • 2005
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
38 000
St. Petersburg, 

I just purchased another Porsche from my local Porsche dealer.  It is a 2005 996 with a 6 speed manual and 38K miles.  I believe it has a transmission problem.  Sometimes it will not go into first gear.  You have to go into second or even let out the clutch to get it in gear.  Many times you think it is in gear but it pops out when you let out the clutch.  Dealer says this is normal.  They experienced the problem right in front of me.  Maintenance writer ground first gear and said sometimes that happens!  I am a Porsche guy and know what a Porsche trans does! Am I off base.  My pasted experience says that Porsche transmissions do not have first gear problems.  They certainly are not as smooth as some other auto's but there should not be grinding!

What are you thoughts and thank you much.   S.

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