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Mass Air Flow Sensor

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I have a 996 2001 Carrera recently installed a TPC Supercharger. I have a question regarding the mass air flow sensor. The cone filter hose had to be slightly modified to fit in the engine compartment. The thing I want to know is the mass air flow sensor to read properly requires a minimun of inches on the hose. Right now it only has like 1 or 2 inches of hose and I saw it before and it was longer but like I told you it had to be modify to fit. The thing now is that sometimes gets a while to turn on and the first mass air flow had to be changed beacuse blew. I have talk to some people and they have told me that to have a proper read a mass air flow sensor needs like 5 to 6 inches long of hose. Hope you understand my question cause is a little bit technical and english is not my first language.

Thanks in advanced

Carlos (Mickey)

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