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Master Cylinder Upgrade?


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T; Year: 1970; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): S pistons E cams, 911SC suspension and brakes; Total Mileage: 112,000;

I have a 1970 911T which I converted to 911SC suspension and brakes last year. The conversion went fine and is a nice upgrade to an early car, but I noticed after it was done that the brake pedal travel was considerably more than before. The July 2005 Panorama article on brake upgrades confirmed what I thought - larger brakes with the original smaller capacity stock master cylinder are the reason. I believe this is a 19mm unit in my case. To get back to a 'normal' pedal travel should I upgrade to a larger unit? I have seen a 23mm ATE unit that I understand fits pretty well (minor tube bending may be necessary) but have also heard installing this unit means living with an uncomfortable amount of pedal effort in a street car. If that is true, then what do you think about going to power brakes and master cylinder from a later model? I presume SC generation would be the best match with the other SC parts I've installed. Is there room to fit the vacuum unit? I'm guessing there would be some work with lines attaching in slightly different locations on the master cylinder and possibly different wiring connections for the dual circuit hookups. Appreciate hearing your thoughts and any advice on 'gotchas' along the way -

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