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metal in oil filter


Model: 911, Year:2000, Mileage:77600, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Hello,I recently purchased a 2000 996. The previous owner told me that he had the intermediate shaft repaired about 1-2 years ago, as well as the clutch replaced in the last 2 years. I confirmed these details with the shop that did the work (Omega Motorsports in Jacksonville FL).I believe the last oil change (prior to today) was 5k miles ago, so I gave it an oil change today. When I removed the filter, I inspected in the folds and found significant metal flakes. The flakes look like pieces of bearing material (not confirmed in any scientific manner). Some of the flakes were 2mm-3mm (estimated) but very thin, like a foil. I collected an oil sample that I plan on sending for analysis (collected as a precaution while draining the pan fortunately).My question (after my verbose background) is: what is the most probable cause for the metal? Is it probable that this is residual metal from the intermediate shaft failure that was not sufficiently flushed out?I really appreciate any advice that can be offered, as I do not wish to tear down the motor to find this is just residual from a prior repair that could have used additional flushes.Also, given that the material resembles that of bearing material, I wanted to know, are the main and rod bearings (generally) replaced during the intermediate shaft replacement? I can contact the shop to confirm, but given that they did not tell me of the leaking spark plug (oil protection) tubes, which I saw after leaving there (when inspecting the car), I am hesitant to trust them. BTW I asked them about the leaking tubes after purchasing the car and they then informed me that they were aware prior to my purchasing the car. I had asked for their input on the vehicle prior to the purchase, and they told me it was a good car, no mention of any issues.Thank you very much for the input, and I apologize if similar topics have been covered in other posts. However, given the specifics of this (prior intermediate shaft replacement, etc) and potential engine issues, I thought it prudent to get a detailed answer for my concern at hand.

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