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Metallic sounding rattle right front near top of cowl

  • 2014
  • Boxster
16 000
New Jersey

This issue is driving me crazy and, literally, ruining the ownership experience for me.  I’m used to sports cars (Brits, Italian, German), German sedans (primarily Audi and BMW) and have never run into this kind of problem.  If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

Re:  2014 Boxster

Issue:  On an intermittent basis, but more likely after the car sits for several days, I will get a rattling type sound coming from the central to right front, seemingly near the cowl area when the car hits road imperfections.  It seems to coincide with suspension movement.  Nothing under the dash is loose.  Dealer has put velcro on the undercover guide to eliminate possible rattles between the plastic cover (over the battery, fuel tank, and windshield wiper motor) and the cowl near the bottom of the windshield.  Dealer also put some type of lube near or in top of shock towers.  

Today, for example, it is about 90 degrees outside and I took the car out and the rattling (like a something is loose metallic sound) pops up on the front right side.  Drove for about 40 minutes and parked the car for 45 minutes. After stopping, I drove it back home and no rattles; just one very faint one.  Seems use, then settling for a period of 30 minutes or so mitigates the cause of the noise.  Bottom line…if I drive the car to the dealer, the noise will likely be gone and then resurface, possibly later in the day.  Left side of the car is fine.  

I am adept  at mechanical matters and use of tools.  Went for the Porsche for its performance and am now seriously thinking of returning back to BMWs or even a Vette which don’t rattle like this.  


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