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MFI air fuel ratio


Model: 911S, Year:1973, Mileage:90000, Type of use:Street use only
Last Summer, a local shop set up my 73S MFI AFR at 13.1. Prior to that, I had it set 2 clicks richer than that which I determined by checking plugs and tail pipe.I had a little soot on the plugs and tail pipe, however,the car ran better 2 clicks richer on the part load. Now on a cold day (50deg) the car has a lean surge even after oil temp is 180/190deg.and the idle is also too lean..I enriched the main one click rich and the idle 2 clicks rich and it runs much better.I was wondering how much does one click on the main change AFR? Does it change my 13.1 AFR to the 12.6 range? I only have 25000mi on Pump and throttle bodies. Thanks for your input, Brian Liebler

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