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Minor front end accident 01 986S

  • 2001
  • Boxster S
116 000
North Carolina

Okay, had a kind young fellow make a left hand turn in front of me with his Scion TC, we hit head on at 3mph tops. I lost a bumper cover and driver side headlight. After the uber kind officer realized the price of an old Boxster S bumper cover and headlight assembly, he wrote an accident report. I drove the car after the impact and had a local "normal" alignment  shop check the alignment, all was good (except camber that was off by design) no variation since the corner balance work, yes, coil overs. My paranoid question is if I should even bother with another corner balance. That being said, I can not say the front hood is even at both sides. I know the insurance could care less about the slightly off hood and the corner balance, so should I go through the expense of another corner balance? This is a P03 autoX car.THX, John



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