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Vehicle Information: Model: coupe 911; Year: 1968; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.0; Total Mileage: 133k;

EdNot sure if you can help. I purchased a 1968 911 Coupe the seller said it was a 1968 S. The Vin # is 11830116 engine # 3280220 Type 901/14. Through your excellent answers and reading Bruce Andersons books it is ovious the car is a 1968 911 (non S ). I paid $4500 the car which is in desperate need of restoration which to me would have been something i wanted to do IF the car was an S, but definitely not for a std. 911. The seller ? had place a S emblem on the trunk and had 1968911S license plates. the bill of sale to me from him says 1968 S. along with some other documents indicated the car was an S. My question is my legal rights regarding this issue. I need some advice.Thanks for any guidance. Jim

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