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Modified 993 vs. GT3

Car Purchase

Vehicle Information: Model: Boxster; Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 12000;

Hello,I am considering a 911 purchase with the intention of track use (DE primarily). I want to the car to remain street drivable, but also want to get as much a "track oriented" feel as possible.I am considering two options: purchasing and upgrading a 993 or purchasing a stock 996-based GT3. My intention with the 993 would be to make suspension/wheel/brake improvements, and also would consider engine modifications up to a 3.8 rebuild with perhaps some RSR bits (intake and Motec?) if they could be fit. It seems to me that the total spend for the 993 could get me quite close to stock GT3 territory.What are your thoughts on these options?Assuming I did not have to worry about emissions, how far could I practically push a 3.6 to RSR spec tune without special fuel, etc?If I wanted to migrate to club racing in the future, would one option be distinctly better than the other?I have a tendency to keep vehicles, so a long-term strategy is in order.Thanks for your advice..

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