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  • 2006
  • Cayman S
39 000
Hermosa Beach, 

Hi, I have been tracking my Cayman S stock for about a year, done 8 or so days on track. I also drive to events, and like to take the car for trips up the Central Coast. I've tracked North a bit-  Seca and Buttonwillow lately.

Times are solid Intermediate. I am still learning how to drive and getting to know what are my limitations and the car's traits. That said, it's time to replace the brake pads soon, so wondering if I should upgrade from OEM pads?  Also, suspension-- I've heard the car comes stock w/ Bilstein 4s... would the 6's be the next logical or would you recommend another? I am definitely not a mechanic, so anything hi maintenance needing constant tuning and fiddling would not be a good choice for me.  

Most of all-- I am tiny (5-1', 92 lbs) and getting thrown around the car by centrifugal force. I'm also finding sometimes heel-toe downshift is tricky bc not only am I moving in my seat, but the clutch pedal is so high that my heel doesn't reach the floor when I press it-- it's floating and hard to control esp when turning and downshifting. Can that be adjusted or will extenders work? As for seats, would a universal seat cover or booster hold me in or do I have to go with a whole seat replacement, harness, frame, etc? I'm trying to keep my car as stock as possible for resale and also regular driving comfort. 

Also-- recommendations for good track experienced mechanics in the area- Huntington, Redondo, Torrance, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Being female, I get more mechanics telling me to do all these super expensive track mods that honestly, I wouldn't even do to this car.  

  Thanks so much, hope to see you on track soon. 

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