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Vehicle Information: Model: 964; Year: 1994; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 29760;

Joel, Regarding the recent discussions regarding oils, and more specifically Mobil 1, in the Spring 2005 issue of the [Audi] Quattro Quarterly there is an excellant article by Herve Blanquart, who is Western U.S. manager for Total-ELF Lubricants. He goes into specific detail regarding current european mfg. standards for oil quality, but of course this article is more specifically tailored to VW / Audi requirements. He matrix''s 9 differnt specifications but focuses on Specifications 502.00 and 505.01 as the only ones recommend for VW / Audi. What comes out of all of this is that we should be focusing on "European" oil formulations, which are very diiferent from what is generally currently availble. While the article is for Total-ELF products, it explains why Mobil 1 has prviously listed its 0-40 as "European Car Formula." One of the keys is that we want an oil thsat is rated [ACEA] A2/A3, which is a high shear/high temperature formulation, as opposed to an A1/A5 formulation which is for fuel economy.Mobil 1''s new "long life" formulation is an A1/A5 designation and is likely not the one we want to use. I would be happy to mail you a copy of the article if you send me your address. Alternatively, Mr Blanquart''s e-mail address is listed as: Perhaps he''d do a similar article for Pano. Jeff Leeds

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