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More Oil Changes = Less IMS Bearing Failures?

  • 2006
  • Cayman S
60 000

It is my understanding that the IMS bearing in M97 engines is sealed, i.e. no motor oil can get to the bearing's working surfaces. Why then are so many people correlating frequent oil changes with extended IMS bearing life?

If the IMS bearing seal gets damaged (the only condition under which engine oil and its change intervals could affect the bearing's lubrication at all), then one must assume that ordinary engine oil is sufficient lubricant even for a sealed roller bearing design.

But in that section of the engine there are no oil passages to press sufficienth engine oil into the IMS bearing races to preserve the bearing.

To put it even simpler: 
Given that not enough engine oil reaches the bearing and probably should not mix with, or replace, bearing lubrication, how would frequent engine oil changes and their beneficial effect on the oil's lubricating quality have any effect on the life of the IMS bearing?

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