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more on wheels/tires for lowered 996

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C2; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 30,000;

Hi again Joel,Sorry I forgot to tell you the offsets in my earlier post. Front offset is 50 mm on both the stock 8" wheel and the 8.5" wheel I'm considering, and my stock rear offset is 65 mm. So, at the very least, with increased width and negative camber, I should be expecting to need a bolt-on spacer for the wider wheel to reduce the effective offset (relative to the original hub face).Now, your comment about the GT3 (and some of your earlier posts) gets me to thinking: if I'm going so far as to purchase a separate set of wheels and tires for the track, should I consider wider than stock? I've stayed away from the idea due to my clearance concerns, but now I suppose I could reconsider. For example, with the 8.5" front wheel, I might be able to use a 235 tire section width tire (and appropriate spacer). With an 11" rear wheel (vs 10" stock), a 295 section width tire (vs 285 stock) and 2 degrees of negative camber (vs stock), the top of the tire would be more than 22 mm closer on the inboard side. So I would need to be looking at a healthy reduction in offset, again by using a spacer. This seems especially important given the numbers you gave for the GT3 ETs. Are the smaller GT3 ETs (i.e., smaller than C2 ETs) due to the wider GT3 wheels/tires?Thanks again. Your advice is clear and helpful.

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