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Motor mount flex during jacking from the rear.

  • 2003
  • 911 Carrera 4S
108 000
San Dimas, 

Recently while doing some under car maintenance, I observed some amount of flex in rear/motor and I would like to know if this is "normal". Using the engine just behind the oil sump as a jacking point has been shown to be ok by some if done carefully and not ok by others, but that isn't the question.

Here is the scenario: Using the tailpipe as a reference point, when jacking up the rear of the car using the jack point in the center rear of the car just behind the sump, how much movement should you see in the tail pipes? The rear engine mounts are not fixed so you should see some flex, but at the moment the rear wheels come off the ground how much have the tail pipes risen? 2mm? 10mm?

Since this is a high mileage car, I'm thinking maybe the motor mounts are shot/loose because of the amount of rise I saw.


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