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Muffler Problem on New Certified '99 996


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 19,000;

Hi, I am a first time Porsche owner (newbie) and just 90 days ago purchased a 996 from a Porsche dealer under the Porsche Certified program which included a 2 year warranty. The car had 17,800 miles on it and is very clean.Im very troubled by the sudden appearance of a costly problem and the diagnosis I am getting from Porsche service departments.The Car Issue: Car sounds fine at normal idle (10k rmp).. when the car is warm and low idles (8K).. there is a loud rattle under the engine by the exhaust sounds like a loose heat shield on other cars I have owned. Other than the rattle at very low rpms.. the car sounds fine through all gears and at speed.I took the car to my local (to where I live) Porsche dealer but not from where I purchased it. They diagnosed a need for a muffler for the left manifold. Total cost w/ labor $700.I brought the issue up to the dealer who sold me the car (another well known east coast dealer). They said 1)its not covered under the certified warranty program2)when I complained this should have been flagged on the extensive pre-certification inspection, they said hey, it just must have broke.. keep in mind.. I have put 1,000 miles on the car in 3 months. Is it possible.. yes, but not probable. 3)dealer says.. its rare that a car so young with just 19K on the clock should even be experiencing this problemDealer says they wont comp. the fix and wants to see it themselves and if it does need fixing I still need to pay the full cost. My problem is the dealer who sold me the car is hours away and a BIG hassle for me to get the car to. They keep saying this problem is rare and they dont want to get burned by another dealers diagnosis etc..My questions:1)in general, is this new muffler issue uncommon for a car with 19K on the clock?. Makes more sense that Im hearing a lose clamp or something like that2)When I do bring it to a different dealer (a third, closer dealer) to be checked and IF it is as simple as a clamp and not the full blown $700 job.. then what do I do? Who in the Porsche network can I escalate to? i.e, one dealer potentially suggesting unnecessary work?3)How hard can I push Porsche Pre Certified sales at the National Level to deal with the potential $700 fix. This should not be happening on a low mile, just purchased pre-certified car?The different dealers are now just pointing fingers and shrugging their shoulders, I need help at the Porsche Corporate level how can you help?Thanks in advance for your assistance. RF

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