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My 1988 won't start when hot is it the temp sensor?

  • 1988
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
90 000
Electrical and Electronic

Hi Chris, I am wondering if the cylinder sensor is bad on my 1988 911? The car starts perfect until i drive further than 15 miles. Then when stop and shut the engine off, and start it right away it starts no problem, then when the car sits for 30 minutes to an hour it cranks, but no start. Then it won't start or even fire, just turns over and over. Several hours later 2 to 5 the engine will start.

I have only owned it for 5 months, and have yet to enjoy it because it is so unreliable. I made the mistake of buying it without seeing it in person, from a PCA member and owner of many 911s. Come to find out the fan and housing are cracked and rubbing, which I have since replaced, and this issue with the hot starting.

I have since installed a new DME Relay, which didn't help, and sent the DME to Steve Wong, which according to him did need repairs, but still have this issue. I hope to keep this car long enough to be worth all I have already invested, but can't drive it since I can't trust it. The worst part is there are no reliable Porsche mechanics here, so I am doing it all myself.

Please help.


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