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My 2001 Boxsters, 74,000 miles, has begun to smoke intermittently at startup

  • 2001
  • Boxster S

My car has begun to intermitantly puff white smoke at startup. The AOS was replaced 1 year ago, and this fixed a previous smoking problem. The new smoking problem seemed to start after the oil was changed this past summer.  The car may sit for a week or two between startups. It does not smoke every time. I originaly thought maybe too  much oil as the gauge reads full. after a few trips everything seemed okay, no smoke. I drove the car over 200 miles this past weekend, and on starts during the trip no smoke.  on Monday morning I started the car and a good sized white cloud appeared. There seems to be no oil cosumption. My mechanic mentioned that new oils, Motul, maybe slippery enough to get in the cylinders and cause the smoke. Should I replace a year old AOS or keep an eye out for smoke, and hold my breath at startups?                                                         Thanks  Brad      

North Carolina
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