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New Clutch cable, able to shift w/o engine running, won't shift into gear, especially 1st and 2nd

  • 1972
  • 911S
105 000
Lone Tree, 

I've had the car service for rough shifting, some grinding going into reverse.  First gear took some muscle to get into.  Since service less than 50 miles with a new clutch cable, shifter bushings, ball cup.  Shifts well without engine running.  Now with engine running placing the shifter into 1st gear the car moves a little forward like the clutch isn't fully engaged.  Getting into 1st takes real effort.  No reverse no quick grind, then engagement.  It just won't go there.

Trying to avoid the money pit.  I understand the car is 44 years old, however it's driven really well.  The reason the clutch cable was replaced was it had reached limits and was recommended to be changed.

The car has airport gears, limited slip dif, racing torsion bars and lowered.  Really quick but right now not drivable.

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