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No Bass From Rear Bass Speakers


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 Liter Flat 6 vario-cam; Total Mileage: 10,000km; Transmission: Manual;

Hello. I am having a big problem with the Deep Rich Bass thats supposed to come out from the rear bass speakers. It was working fine for a while after I took delivery back in 2003. Since the beginning of 2004, there was no bass coming out from the back bass speakers anymore and further more, you could hardly hear any sound from the back speakers unless you put your ears right against the back speakers or you would need to adjust the fader dial all the way to the back speakers and even then it's only a minimal amount of sound coming out. The dealer cannot find out what the cause or problem is. According to them it's working fine. They just don't seem to understand what I am trying to tell them. It may be one of those things that you would have to hear it when it's working. It is so frustrating to my wife and my self that it's nor enjoyable to try the Boxster anymore because you cannot hear the beautiful sound that's suppose to come out from the Bose Digital Sound System we paid for. I am even working with the regional service manager Mr. Nick Rajewski but he is not communicating to well. In fact he does not reply on time as promise and not until I leave a few messages. Anyways I just want to get the Deep Rich Bass sound back so we can enjoy the music and the drive again. Any suggestions to solve this problem at this point are very welcome. Now you might want to know that at one time when I took the Boxster in, they said they had replaced the amplifier with a new one. It works for a while with full bass from the back speakers but after a month or so, there is no more bass again. Could you also verify how many amplifiers should be in the Boxster for the Bose Digital Sound System and if the big black cone in the middle between the two bass speakers is just a cone and not a subwoofer. Thank you very much for your understanding to this matter. Hope you can find a solution for me so I can advise the regional service manager and his team at the Pfaff Porsche dealership on resolving the problem. PLEASE HELP!!!

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