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No Start After Changing 944S Timing Belt

  • 1988
  • 944S
200 000

I changed the timing and balance shaft belts on my 944S.  It started up fine, I ran it for a few minutes, then shut it down.  The next day it would crank but not fire up.  I've checked the following:

-Verified there is spark with an in-line spark checker.

-Verified there is fuel pressure (although I need a fuel pressure guage that goes higher, mine just goes to 10psi)

-Verified each cylinder has compression (so I think I put everything back together ok and the valves didn't get bent).

Has anyone run into this before?  Could the timing have been thrown off?  I had to remove those three allen bolts on the camshaft pulley timing gear, and there don't seem to be any specs for retorquing them).


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