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No start. All dash lights on and an electical motor on/off sound

  • 2002
  • 911 Turbo
39 000

First year with this car so sorry for what I hope is a newbie question.  Stored the car this winter.  Today I went out to install my new floor mats and moved the seat back as instructed,  no problem.  When done I went to move the seat back and the seat wouldn't move.  I tried inserting the key, still no luck.  Put the key to the on position and nothing other than all the idiot lights lit up (it is trying to tell me something).  Removed the key and all lights stayed on and a noise like an electircal motor was trying to start over and over...noise and lights continued for 15+ minutes.  I was able to get that to stop but if I try to start it again...same thing.  I noticed the driver window lowered about 3-4 inches. 

The car was stored for the winter and not started since November.  On jack stands with a trickle charger.  Really hoping you are going to tell me it is just the battery or some combonation to reset something.  I do have a video of the noise but hoping it won't get to that...thanks for the help!

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