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not starting, stuttering relay noises and flickering control lights

  • 2009
  • 911 Carrera 4S
17 500
Electrical and Electronic
Rhode Island

Just got the car back from Porsche Service after replacing the oxygen sensor, and drove it a few times....maybe 25 miles in total. Tried starting the car in heated garage about 2 weeks later. Upon turning the key, I heard a noise like "stuttering" or clicking relays, and all the control lights in the dashboard were flickering.

I put it on trickle charger for a couple of days, tried starting again, however, with same result. Measured 12.4V on battery at no load. With battery tester and applying load, I measured ~10.4V. Then I charged the battery with external battery charger (2A/10A/50A) and charged until charger switched to "float" stage. Then, the voltmeter measured 13.3 V at no load. I tried starting the engine, however, no success and same symptoms (stuttering relay noises, flickering control lights). Tried jump starting, however, without success and same symptoms. Any suggestions?




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