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Odd Airbag fault codes

  • 2000
  • Boxster
52 500
Electrical and Electronic
New Hampshire

Hello, My 2000 Boxster's airbag light is illuminated.  I've tried reseting it with a Durametric software but it comes back on immediately.  I have completely cleaned the ground and connector plug with contact cleaner and dielectric grease.  What I have for codes are 23 Belt Tensioner Driver, 25 Belt Tensioner Passenger, 64 Seat Occupancy Detector Passenger and 72 Child SeatD Detector.  

I have confirmed this car does not have the pyrotechnic tensioners on the belt reel at the base of the roll bar under the carpet padding, but I do see an electrical connector there.  Should this car have those?  I've read that they started at MY02.   If so its possible they were replaced with earlier belts?   I know this car was in an accident at one time.   The date code on the belts is within proper range for the age of the car (see photo).  

I have a pair of new seat belt receptacles on order but I am somewhat sceptical this will solve the issue as everyone writes about other codes (44 through 50).  Any advise as to the issue is welcome.  Thanks. 







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