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Odd Brake Noise


Vehicle Information: Model: 356C; Year: 64; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1600; Total Mileage: 10;

I was racing my 356 at VIR last year, and found that after about 4 laps each session, my brakes started making a loud howling or groaning noise, not the squealing or grinding noise one usually gets from brakes going bad. It was fairly low frequency, and I could feel it in the pedal. The first time it happened I thought maybe the diff or clutch was unhappy about braking and was locking a wheel up. The last time I ran the car, I was out for a longer session, and when the noise started I was babying the brakes. On the sixth lap the pedal went to the floor, but i could brake with a lot of pumping up. In 16 years of racing everything from Formula Vees to Shelby Mustangs, I never heard a brake noise like this.When I pulled in I checked the fluid reservoir - full, and not hot at all. I laser temped all the disks and calipers - all same temp, nothing unusual. The pads are all in great shape as are the disks.So I assume it is a bad master cylinder, and have a replacement for it. But how could a bad master cylinder make such a loud and disturbing noise?Thanks,Steve Fox

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