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Odd Noise when Air Conditioning is Running

  • 2008
  • Cayman
43 000
Heating and Ventilation


Hi I'm new to the Porsche World, I just brought my first Porsche, its a 2008 Cayman Base and when running the Air Conditioner I hear what sounds like a gurgling noise from the front of the car, almost down where the radiaitors are. Its not constant but does seem to start when the car is idle and is not so noticable when the car is moving. The AC temperature is good and it cools as normal. I was wondering if this is a normal or should i have it checked out. The coolant temperature is normal and doesnt spike. Thak so nuch for any reponses and Thanks for such a wealth of Information on the Technical Forums and well as all site wide info. Its has been so very helpful, BEST membership ever

Thanks Again







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