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Odd Starter problem (starts slow and speeds up)

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera; Year: 1988; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 80,000;

Since replacing my battery with an Optima red-top, I have had a strange starter problem.When I get into the car and turn the key, nothing will happen for a second or two, then the starter will start turning at about 1 rpm, slowly increasing speed until after about 5-7 seconds it spins fast enough for the engine to catch. If the car is warm, this behavior is intermittant. Cold, its pretty much a guarantee.I have not yet checked the battery, so that is what I plan to do next. Assuming that the battery passes, is this a recognized problem?

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