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Odd TPMS Issue

  • 2008
  • Boxster
75 000
Wheels and Tires

I have been having an issue with my TPMS. I installed new tires and replaced the TPMS sensors with new OEM sensors. Thay are the correct freq. I get the messsage "Wheel Change? Reset TPMS...." However I no longer have the option on my cluster for the wheels. I bought a new TPMS module and when I plugged it in the cluster picked it up and went into learning mode, however I still do not have the TPMS option on my cluster. The module learned the sensors and I deflated a tire and I got a diagram of that tire showing low pressure. Two days later I got the same message "Wheel change?.... message and when I still do not have the tpms option on my cluster. I hooked up my Modis Edge computer and it reads that the "Learning Request on the Cluster is not present" Anyone ever had this issue? I had the computer programmed by Eurocharged and I called them and was told this would not be because of their program.

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