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Odometer error 2017 718 cayman s

  • 2017
  • Cayman S
4 000
Electrical and Electronic
Las Vegas, 

I’d like to get a definitive (factory) answer to my Cayman’s odometer error.

My recent Texas trip had an odometer error of slightly over 1.0 %.  The 1000 mile trip was indicated to be 1010.5 miles.  I have made this trip 10+ times, 2 way, and have always shown 1000.0 miles whether on GPS or the odometer in the recently sold 1996 993 Turbo. Additionally, the Cayman odometer also showed a certified ORR race length 1.1% greater than actual. The Sport Chrono was very accurate.

I would like to know if the Cayman speedometer and/or odometer is biased.  Also, is there a way to correct the error ?? I would think that, with all the electronic features including the odometer, the odometer error could be corrected with a software adjustment.

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