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OEM Battery has some sort of chip in it to enable the computer to work?

  • 2013
  • Boxster
20 500
Electrical and Electronic
North Carolina

2016 Base Boxster under CPO.    The auto start funtion wasnt working consistently, the dealer said I needed a new battery top correct the issue.

I replaced it with an aftermaret AGM equivalent battery to handle the needs of Autostart.  Now, My seat belt light, Air Bag light and autostart WARNING message are displayed. 

Dealer says the lights are on because it wasn't OEM and doesn't have the Porsche chip embedded.  Really? I cannot find any mention of anyone else having an issue with replacing the battery and it not functioning properly due to the "chip". Dealer seems genuine and trying to avoid me wasting non-CPO covered diagnostic charges.

This is the second time in 12 months that I have had warning lights and messages display out of the blue.  The last time, the dealer kept the car for two days and had to order a part to have it corrected. 

Can i get confirmation that he Porsche AGM battery has a dedicated "chip" integrated into the battery that tells the car somethine special?  It was my impression that the computer reads the voltage through the charging system to determine if there is enough juice to activate autostart.  

And im not sure i undersand what any of that has to do with my seatbelt light and airbag light being illuminated.


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