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Oil Additives/Engine Protection


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 SC; Year: 1979; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 113K;

Mr. Kaspar,I know from reading past postings that you do not recommend switching to synthetic oil in an older 911 w/o an engine rebuild. I know from experience in other applications, that synthetic oils do a much better job of coating surfaces and remaining on them for longer periods of time. My concern for my car is one of preservation. My car is definitely a weekend driver only. There are periods of time where weeks go by without starting the engine. I worry about the fact that the conventional oil I use is not protecting the engine at start up after so long of a time. There is often short periods of smoking that occurs at start up when the car hasn't been driven for awhile. This doesn't happen if the car has been driven recently. Normally the engine uses very low amounts of oil, if any, and there are no leaks.Two questions: 1. Without changing to synthetic oil or making a habit to just start the car every week, are there any additives that you recommend to help keep the engine lubricated for start up after long periods of time?2. I religiously change the oil every 3k miles. If I haven't driven 3K miles in 6 months, should I change it anyway? What is the "shelf-life" so to speak for oil that is sitting in the engine without being circulated through it?

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