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Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Engine (type, size, modifications): Stock , no modifications; Total Mileage: 41,500; Transmission: Tiptronic;

I just finished reading the 3/20/05 question regarding oil changes and the filter housing. I just recently changed the oil on my 2000 Boxster (first time I have done this on my own). My question stems from the description of the oil pressure relief device in the housing. When inserting the filter into the housing I "popped" (for lack of a better term) the filter on to the pressure relief nipple. The filter appeared to be the same on both ends, however I inserted it with the printing in the same direction that the Porsche service technician had installed on the previous change. Then I replaced the o ring on the housing and screwed it back in (torqued to the correct value). When I started the car, the oil pressure light went out almost immediately and the car is running great. Did I perform the filter change correctly? I will say this, other than getting under the car, this is the easiest car to change the oil that I have ever owned. By the way, Advance Auto Parts now sells Mobile One, 0W 40 for $4.95 a quart!

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