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Oil consumption


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 carrera; Year: 1985; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 liter non-turbo; Total Mileage: 187,000;

Chris,I am resubmitting, assuming that you didn't get my first for some reason. Car is now using a quart of oil (20W50) every 300 miles or so, more in stop and go driving. Large amount of blue smoke on startup after setting 10-12 hours, but only for 2-3 seconds. Car runs great (got 30+ mpg during recent 600 mile Interstate highway trip), but oil pressure seems a bit high (3 bars @ 2200rpm, 4 bars @ 3000rpm), and has been since I replaced the lower pressure relief valve spring.Also, engine (or at least something in engine compartment) makes a rapid ticking noise. Not a metallic tap and not a squeak, can best be described as "tweedling" ???

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