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Oil in exhaust

  • 1973
  • 914 1.7
100 000
Fort Wayne, 


1973 914 1.7L - have had car for 20 years and it’s a summer fun car. Couple of years ago one day there was lots of smoke in the exhaust. Run’s fine but after about 30 seconds the exhaust is hot enough to start burning the oil.

I’ve not had time to deal with it so it’s been basically parked since.

Problem is that it’s dumping oil into the exhaust - pretty sure it’s just on the left side. I did run it and found that spark plugs 1/2 (left side) were oily but 3/4 (right side) were clean.

Car’s up on stands now - removed left side valve cover and all looks well/clean.

Trying to figure out how deep this rabbit hole is - obviously would rather not have to drop the engine. I am missing some exhaust attaching screws I see and will need a new muffler anyway. I bought replacement heat exchangers and some other parts a few years about anticipating some amount of overhaul mostly because there’s a ‘front of the engine’ oil leak also that I’d always assumed meant a removal.

There are also a couple of parts for the heating system that i’d like to replace while i’m at it - warm air elbows and right side heater cap (best guess @ what that’s called!)

I’m using the Haynes book for guidance if that matters.

Appreciate any thoughts/guidance.






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