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Oil level indicator stopped working properly

  • 2005
  • Boxster S
18 700
Glen Cove, 
New York

I had my car in to the dealer for an oil change several weeks ago and have driven it probably less than 100 miles since.  When I left the dealership, the bars on the oil level indicator were at the top of the arrow.  

Two days ago, the bars started to disappear each time I did a normal check by turning the key and watching the indicator count down for several seconds until a reading was shown.  Yesterday, the bars were at the lowest acceptable level at the bottom arrow.  I added a small amount of oil and the reading went up one bar above the bottom arrow.  It is still at that level today.  In all the years I have owned this car, the oil level has always been at the top arrow (and sometimes higher than that if it was likely overfilled).

I do not have the flashing on the screen that indicates the sending unit may be broken.  I have no smoking from the tailpipe other than the usual puff that is normal on startup after the car has sat a while.  I have no oil on the garage floor.   The engine sounds fine and seems to run fine.  I am stumped by all of this.  

Is it possible that some code had to be reset at the dealership once the oil was changed?  When I had the oil service done, I also had the dealership reset codes for heated seats, garage door opener and proper spoiler functioning.  These were all functions that I had lost some time earlier when I let the battery run down.  When I left the dealership and got home, I later checked the heated seats and they were still not working.  So I called the dealer and arranged to bring the car back a few days later, but when I checked the heated seats 48 hours later, they were suddenly working so I never kept the second dealer appointment.

Any advice would be appreciated.  I can't seem to find anything online where others have had the same problem.

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