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Oil overfill at dealer


Vehicle Information: Model : 2006; Year: 2006; Mileage: 10,500;

I have read your answers to oil change and fill issues, but this question may be a bit different. It apppears my car was overfilled by at least a quart and I drove it for 60 days and 1,000 miles. My question is what to do now. It appears to run fine, but how will I know if there is long term damage? Here is what happened. I took my car to the dealer for a routine oil change (#2 at 9,000 miles) and when I picked it up, it was showing past the top fill line on the oil readout.I took it back to the dealer 2 days later and they said all was ok and it was filled per Porsche specs. They said an extra quart is ok. However, after 60 days and 1,000 miles,it was still showing over the top fill line on the oil readout. I took it back, and they found an extra quart in there. When looking at the original printout of the service it shows 10 next to the oil quantity, maybe meaning they put 10 quarts in (I believe it takes 8.5). It has 2 1/2 years left on warranty. I asked them to make a record of the overfill and they did. What should I do? Can it be inspected for possible damage? If it caused any damage will it likely show up in a problem during warranty period? Thanks for the help, John Spotts

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