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oil pressure readings


Model: 996 C2, Year:2003, Mileage:33,800, Type of use:Street use only
I remember reading somewhere that when the 996 engine is fully warmed up, the dash oil pressure gauge should read about 4 with RPM over 3000 and about 2-2.5 at idle. My gauge usually is in this range, but frequently the needle will bump up against the 5 mark and hold there with engine speeds between 2500-3000 rpm and drop to 3 at idle. This behavior is erratic and happens irrespective of rapid or slow acceleration. When I complained to the dealer of excessive oil use at the 15,000 mile service (1 quart every 500-750 miles) they replaced the oil separator and the rear main seal (there was no oil collecting under the car, but they thought the RMS was beginning to leak). Oil consumption improved to 1 quart every 1000-1500 miles. I have asked the dealer about what appears to be intermittently high oil pressures at relatively low rpms, but they can't explain it, saying "high pressures are nothing to worry about and is better than low pressure" (everything was said to be fine at the recent 30,000 mile service). Today after a short trip with the engine at normal operating temperature a warning lit up saying there was an oil pressure problem. I glanced at the pressure gauge and it had dropped to 0. I started to pull off the road, but before I could stop (10-15 seconds), the warning disappeared and the gauge suddenly went all the way up to 5. The remainder of my trip was uneventful and the engine seems to be running fine. What am I or the dealer missing here? Is this just a bad gauge or sensor?Thanks,Larry Ross

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