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Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 15000;

Hello Joel, regarding the earlier enguiry for engine oil recommendations. I worked in the lube buisness for a number of years and can offer a few comments. While I'm not familiar with oil recommendations for 993's specifically, Rotella T is a mineral oil which is primarily designed for Heavy Duty Diesel engine service. It has a limited approvals for gasoline engines. This is useful to commercial operators who run a fleet of diesel trucks and have a few cars or pickups and want to run a common oil. Rotella T SB is a synthetic version with the same applications and similar appovals. The advantages of running a high quality syntheic oil suchas Mobil 1 that is designed for high performance gasoline engines are so significant that it should be an absolute no brainer about what to run. The lubrication requirements for a high performance gasoline engine are very different than a heavy duty diesel engine. Oil technology has advanced greatly since the 993 was first produced in response to both increased emmsison requirments and higher power outputs of both engines. Hope this helps. Use Mobil 1.

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