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Oil Smoking 996 in DE's

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
43 000

I do about 6 DE's/yr, and now in A-level.  While DE-ing, my '02 996 C2 will blow blue smoke for 10-15 seconds or so upon startup after sitting an hour between DE sessions.  This has been happening for the last 4 years.  The common thinking is "all 996's do this".  This past weekend at VIR, I was "meatballed" for crop-dusting at the end of the high speed turns (high-g heavy braking with full lift, R-compounds).  Time to fix this!  My plan is to replace the Air Oil Separator and add a deep oil sump. A few questions, and Id like your opinion of my plan.

1. AOS - It's the original.  I can pull the oil-fill cap off with the engine running, so the vacuum is not huge.... suggesting the AOS diaphragm is not torn or holed.  Does this suggest that the AOS itself is NOT the problem?  Rather, oil getting into the AOS is the problem?  (I plan on changing the AOS anyway, given it's age.)

2. Deep Sump - Will adding a deep sump with "improved baffles" reduce the amount of oil getting into the AOS? 

3. Will a Deep Sump with improved baffles reduce the chance of oil starvation during cornering?  How does this line up with the Scott Slausen Q&A, "remove the baffles and the oill will not climb up into the swirl pots.  Deep sumps (with baffles) achieve this."  Help, I'm confused!

4. Which Deep Sump...the design that adds 0.5 qts or the 2.0 qt model?  Do you favor one manufacturer over another?

5. Anything I missed?  Am I asking the right questions? Your experience is appreciated.


- Mike Keslosky

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