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One more go at the oil questions


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 19,000;

Hi Joel, Sorry if I am beating a dead horse with this follow-on to yesterdays oil questions... but I speak for everyone when I say we respect your opinions and experience when it comes to these cars.So here is my basic understanding of the matter:1. During the 993 model run the recomendation was Mobil 15/50.2. The factory recommendation (for all cars) has since changed to a thinner (0) weight oil, 0/40.3. As for 993's specifically, the main issue is the hydraulic lifters which may not work as well with the thicker stuff on startup.So here's my questions:My car will see approximately 10 days at the track in summer heat. I understand that 15/50 synthetic would be best for this.I also drive my car once or twice a week through the summer for spirited drives. It is parked always indoors, and even in the fall, the coldest ambient (upon starting) temperature is no less than 45 degrees.1. Based on this dual-use, can I rely on one oil formulation to do it all? What is worse, 0/40 for 10 days DE with 90 degree weather, or multiple starts with 15/50 with cool (though definitely not cold/freezing) starting conditions in early spring and late fall?2. As for the lifters, can you please explain what exactly is happening with the wrong oil in the cold, and what the ultimate downside/danger of this can be?Thanks in advance for your clarification!Matt

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