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Original 914/6 engine rebuild


Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): sss; Year: sss; Engine (type, size, modifications): sss; Total Mileage: sss;

I am nearly a 30 year PCA member that would like to bounce a decision off you that I must make. I own an original 1970 914/6 (VIN 9140430150) which is in very good original condition (no typical rust problems). It has been repainted to original and the engine was last rebuilt by a factory race mechanic with only 4000 miles on it at this point. There are only 54,000 miles on this car. It looks and drives great! I detected a problem with one of the oil hoses (leak) and had it replaced in the spring. The mechanic (same that did the rebuild) said the oil tank was getting weak and had it repaired by a company that he had used in the past. To make a long story short that company did not properly clean the restored tank which allowed metal to enter the engine and seize it at one of the journals. Their insurance paid to have it repaired (crank was turned one over, new tank and new pump, clean etc.). On start up, bingo the engine seized again. Obviously more metal in the oil passages that did not get removed. Their insurance will again pay the costs but my choices are two: install a non-matching 1968 911L rebuilt engine (130 DIN) or have the original matching engine completely rebuilt (110 DIN) by a highly recommended company out of the area that can properly clean all the oil passages. I would insist that a new crank be installed rather than going two over. Do I opt for the original or bastardize with a non-matching engine number? I need some one to help me sort through this. I would like to make a decision soon. Thanks.

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