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Paint chip repair on 1985 911


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1984; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 36000;

I have several questions about paint chip repair. The car is a 1985 911, the color is black (nonmetallic), and I believe that it is the original single stage paint.1. Is it okay to use 20 year old Porsche Lackstift touch up paint from a brush bottle? I believe that the paint will be fine because it flows well, drys to the correct color and gloss, and does not have any bumps or grit.YES Dan CaseyYES Jim PashaYES Pelican site2. Is it okay to thin this paint with acrylic lacquer thinner from an auto body shop? I plan to thin it slightly so that I can apply many thin coats to each chipped area.YES Dan CaseyYES but test Jim Pasha3. What is the minimum temperature that I can apply and cure this paint at? I will be using a brush or toothpick or match to apply the paint. I live in Vermont and it is December. So getting the temperature in my un insulated garage up to 65 deg then keeping it there until the paint cures is probably beyond my means.55 or more Dan Casey65 Jim Pasha65 Pelican site4. What do you think of the Langka solvent method for blending the cured touch up paint? Your responses on earlier questions indicate that you use a sand and polish method. I have tried this method and not had good luck. Specifically, I accidently sanded through good paint and the method took a long time to complete (mostly the paint drying time). So I was wondering if you have tried the solvent method lately because it seems safer and quicker.

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