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Paint touch-up: AutoSharp Pen caveat


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1998; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 25,000;

I read about the AutoSharp pen in this area and purchased one to touch-up a couple of chips on my hood. The color match was fine (black is black) but the 3/4 " tip of the pen tends to pull out of the body and leave a splotch of unwanted paint, as well as a mess while you fumble to pick up the tip and reinsert it. The problem is not just that the tip is not secured in the pen, but that the tip must be pressed against the body to prime it with paint. The now-sticky tip wants to adhere to the body, and out it comes.Once you're aware of the problem you can minimize it by holding the pen at an angle and carefully lifting it from the body. But this is not the ideal way to apply paint on a horizontal surface. If you have lots of chips to repair on several body panels the Pen might be a time-saver. But for a few chips on the hood/nose, I'd stick with the toothpick application recommended by Just thought I'd share my experience.Brian

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