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Paper "filters" in Boxster water drains

  • 2018
  • 718 Boxster
39 000

I had water flood into the passenger compartment and the dealer found that several of the body drains were clogged.  These were the drains sort of behind the side air inlet, and the cause of the clog (aside from the debris) was slips of paper that seem to have been there as a filter but he said that they had no part number and showed up on none of their schematics.  He tested two other Boxsters he had there (at least one was a different model year) and they also have the paper slips.  He said that with the paper there it was almost sure to clog because while water might find its way through paper, the debris could never make it out.

Any idea why the paper was there?  All we could come up with was to prevent insect infestations, but the rainwater should push them out.  OK, so insect infestations in areas where it never rains?  I never want to question a German engineer but scratching my head here.

I'd also like to note that I have the drains checked at every 10k service, always assured they are clean.

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