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Parking brake cable jammed?

  • 1989
  • 911 Carrera
130 000
British Columbia

I bought the car at 200,000 7 yrs ago. The parking brake never worked very effectively but instead of adjusting it properly, being a newbie to Porsche, I continued to yank up on the lever every time I needed the brake until one day it wouldn't go any further with still no holding ability. Not long after I found the rear wheels were heating up during a short run of even 5km or so and thought the parking brake was jammed in the on position even though inside lever was released (thinking about it now not really logical since I didn't get any holding ability). So I proceeded to remove rear wheels to repair parking brake and found the calipers were seized (both sides, outboard piston) and determined this was the cause of the wheels heating up because the parking brake shoes were free and clear with no drag on the drum. I am now re-building the calipers - side question, should I put a little silicone grease like Silglyde on piston or just brake fluid to help it slide in? When I looked at the parking brake I found that there is about 3/4" axial play in cable on both sides (assume this is the "slight movement" described in manual) and that the RHS appears to be working correctly with the shoe expander assembly moving in and out and the shoes returning to the stop on the brake shoes carrier when the inside brake lever is moved up and down. However the LHS shoe expander assembly does not move and it appears the expander is stuck in the actuated position because the top shoe is 5mm off the stop on the brake shoes carrier (see pic). I started to remove the castellated nut at the wheel end of the cable and then thought of asking this tech site. I don't want to remove the nut and have the cable snap back into the cable sheath or something else difficult to fix. Is the cable most likely hanging up at the wheel end or at the lever end inside the car? Could rust be holding the cable at the wheel end or could something else be jamming it? What would you suggest as I can sort of see how the cable works but I'm not familiar with the whole cable and linkages used? Many thanks.

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