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PASM Fault Message on Dash

  • 2013
  • Boxster S
47 000

This vehicle is strictly a pleasure-use vehicle.  I was driving down the road today and the PASM Fault message appeared on the dash with a warning to drive the car carefully.  the warning stayed there for about a half hour.  At one point after that I turned the car off and back on and the Fault code was gone.  Looking in the Owner's Manual, I see notes that I should take the vehicle to a dealer to have it looked at.  The car is under extended Warranty through most of 2018.  Are there members out there who have experience with this kind of Fault code and would share their perspective/advice?

I searched but didn't find this in earlier questions. If this is a reoccurring question, please give me direction to prior art.  I am a new member so may not be familiar enough with the PCA software.

Thanks for any assistance,




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